Filming of the independent production «Goodwin Island», scripted and directed by Erik Knudsen and produced by Iakovos Panagopoulos was completed at the end of September 2023

Filming took place exclusively on the island of Corfu, lasted 3 weeks and involved actors and technicians from Greece and Britain.
The production was supported by the Ionian Islands Film Office.

The feature film tells the story of a group of young Brits who arrive on a Greek island after being hired by an absentee mysterious owner, Mr. Goodwin, to complete a house renovation and suddenly find themselves at odds with him. When unwanted visitors arrive on the island, a rebellion begins with the mandate of social justice.

Producer, Writer, Director – Erik Knudsen | Co-producers – Janet Knudsen and Iakovos Panagopoulos

Line Producer – Giannis Nodaras and Black Dog Productions | Camera – Thanos Tsigas | Art Director – Magda Candiliari | Costume Design – Penelope Mamalou

Sound Recordings and Design – Billy Glew | Assistant Sound Recordist – Fotios Pagkalos | Editor – Erik Knudsen