Congratulations dear Rodi

CONGRATULATIONS Dear Rodi 👍 We are grateful for the efficient support we received from you and your Team during the shooting of the Cosmote TV series 42°.  Joseph Samaan, President Tanweer Group

Dear Joseph, thank you for the fruitful cooperation. We are ready to support additional initiatives for audiovisual productions.

Rodi Kratsa, Governor of the Region of Ionian Islands

4 very happy years in Corfu

I spent four very happy years working in Corfu producing The Durrells TV series for Sid Gentle Films and ITV. All in all we produced 26 hours of high quality TV drama which has been much enjoyed all over the world. My experience of filming in Corfu was always hugely satisfying. The range of locations for a relatively small island was extraordinary. It was always exciting to discover yet more hidden gems that photographed so beautifully be it in landscapes or in beautiful houses. Further to that the many talents of the Corfiots never ceased to amaze me. I remember when we were asked to depict a story concerning a travelling circus. At first we thought that we would have to send to Athens to find the talent required, but no, scratch the surface and we found jugglers, fire eaters, musicians, trained horses; you name it, with a little work Corfu had all that we needed. One of the most satisfying aspects of working in Corfu was being able to return year after year and to see that the skill base of local film technicians trained on The Durrells was getting larger each year. Corfu gave us film makers a very generous opportunity to film on an extraordinarily beautiful island. In return we hope that the Durrells legacy and it’s home grown film technicians will continue for many year to come.

Christopher Hall, Producer, The Durrells in Corfu  (TV Series 2016–2019)

Corfu, an ideal place for film productions

It is indisputable that Corfu is an ideal place for film productions and for this reason it is chosen repeatedly over the years without saturation. Starting from the old town, continuing to its beautiful beaches and ending in its picturesque villages, Corfu can cover a wide range of needs and requirements. After 3 great seasons in Corfu for the filming of The Durrells, I was once again on the island for film production and more specifically for the filming of My Big Greek Fat Wedding 3 and indeed the visual result we finally achieved was worthy of our expectations .

At the same time and equally important is the fact that we were on a very nice island, with a multitude of options, which enabled our partners and crew (Greeks and foreigners), in their free time, to happily relieve themselves from the pressure of work.

Of course I could not omit the key role of the local authorities in this project of ours. From the first day and throughout the filming, the regional Film Office, the Municipalities and all the Authorities were by our side, always with patience, understanding and efficiency to solve any problem. This attitude of theirs inspired in us a feeling of trust and security, an extremely important element in such a volatile situation as a film production, and we thank you very much for that.


Kostas Raftopoulos – Line Producer


Filming in the Ionian islands was an utter delight

This is such a crux of culture, and beauty and spirit – the seedbed of so much history, of so many game-changing moments in the story of humanity. Whether you are following the trail of Odysseus or the Durrell family, whether you are drinking in the heavenly sun, sea and sky – or reading the myths while sipping a glass of ambrosial wine in Corfu Old Town – it feels to me impossible not to be happy here. Our Greek Island Odyssey landmark TV series – which took 6 months to make and is now making its own Odyssey around the world, was an epic adventure. And we can’t wait to come back for more!’

Bettany Hughes, London 2020, Producer: “Greek Island Odyssey With Bettany Hughes”

The cinematographic charm of the Ionian Islands

The wider island landscape of the Ionian islands, so much the inland as much as the surrounding water surface of the Ionian Sea around them becomes both a challenge and a call for any kind of film production, Greek but mainly international. The varied natural configuration of the islands, in the mountainous, lowland and coastal parts of their surface, ideally serves the narrative requirements of the scenarios. A large part of both the residential form (traditional and modern buildings) and the natural beauty everywhere around, remains unchanged over time, offering a variety of natural scenes in all kinds of cinematic shots. The Ionian Sea, unique in its color and calm during most months of the year, stretches on excellent sandy beaches (a feature that sets the Ionian Islands apart from the rest of island Greece), but at the same time surrounds the impressive steep west coasts of the islands, with magnificent coves of international recognition, such as the world-famous seascape of the Shipwreck in Zakynthos. The climate itself, always mild even in the winter months, serves any kind of outdoor shooting without problems for the crews or any emergency breaks due to sudden climate change. The colors that dominate in Nature, the light green from the vineyards of the island plains, the silver deep green of the vast olive groves, the gray brown of the cliffs and the coastal rocks, the golden of the fine-grained sand, the various shades of light in the sky, the sea and all around, are all primary inspirational materials for any kind of production. Finally, the inhabitants of the islands themselves, the Ionians. Calm and particularly congenial with foreign visitors, as for 4 centuries they developed as local communities within the European culture. Initially under the sovereignty and supervision of the Venetian Republic and then under the control of the British commissioners, they were the southeastern European tip of the then British Empire for 50 whole years, until they joined the newly formed Greek state in 1864.

In the DNA of the Ionian Islands there is a given: the sociability, the musicality of the dialects of each island and a constant, varied artistic activity, beyond their daily professions. Literally, constant volunteers of Art and Culture. Musicians, singers, dancers, poets, amateurs and professional actors, offer to the producers involved in the Ionian Islands, a highly capable human resource to effectively meet the requirements of any audiovisual creation.

Tony Lykouresis, Director


IONIAN: The modern cinema Muse

Only a few days on the island of Corfu for TV shooting, countless advantages for our production and every crew looking for an idyllic destination with natural and cultural diversity.  The monuments of Corfu, the UNESCO city, the Fortresses, the Castles, the Churches and the Archaeological sites offer countless opportunities and rekindle the creative mood of every cinematographer.  The beautiful and lush natural landscape is the ideal background for any narrative that deserves to be captured audiovisually.  In addition, we could not miss the Ionian Film Office, which proved to be a valuable partner in the demanding shooting program and responded immediately and responsibly to the high expectations of the production.  The partners and the people of Corfu welcomed us and hosted us, leaving us the best impressions from a perfect set of shooting with European air and the mental filling of the holidays!  The Ionian is leading the film production and rightly so!

Giannis Exintaris, Creative Producer Honeybee Productions

The Ionians will lead the way for the whole of Greece

The FILM OFFICE of the Ionian Islands Region with its proper operation contributes to the development of the Ionian Islands and at the same time will contribute to the international promotion of our homeland. Attracting and properly serving foreign -mainly- film and television producers, is a global trend, which has not so much to do with artistic creation as with the economic development of a region and social prosperity. The Ionian Islands have many advantages in this field (30 small and large green islands, with an aroma of art and culture -music, literature, history- medieval cities, fortresses, castles, churches, archeological sites, and above all with inhabitants of European culture and class. If these advantages are displayed with courage, determination and method, they can be at the center and at the forefront of the growing international demand for new locations, new “images”, outside the studio, in the production of audiovisual works. The future and success of the project is on their side. We wish for the Ionian Islands to lead the way for the rest of Greece.

Andonis Theocharis Kioukas, Film Director – Producer

Ionian Islands: an invitation for creation

The Ionian Islands are characterized by a culture and an aesthetic that compose a unique amalgam of different influences over centuries. This cultural diversity and cultural pluralism are reflected in landscapes, colors, images, sounds, smells. The captivating beauty of the islands and the wide range of natural landscapes, architecture of iconic buildings and stimuli, are a blessing for each creator but also for the producers who will choose to shoot at the Ionian Islands. The light there does not carry the hardness and harshness that characterizes the light of the Aegean, it is softer, more malleable and more adaptable to the needs of each production. The Ionian Islands with their diverse culture, can securely host large productions from every country in the world. The well organized Film Office of the Ionian Islands Region can guarantee us the unhindered and successful completion of our audiovisual production. The people who staff it combine passion for the creative sectors of the economy with the parallel capacity of an effective and collected management as well as immediate intervention for any productive requested, whenever this occurs.

Additionally, the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University can be of valuable help and can support, with its specialized staff, the needs that may arise in a production, thus forming a pillar for successful development of any audiovisual projects. Typical examples of the unlimited possibilities in terms of suitable locations for shooting are the mild weather without the intensity of cold or heat (extreme temperatures), the possibility at a distance
only a few kilometers to find a landscape of exotic beauty (eg beach of Myrtos, the natural Monument “Wreck”),  an alpine location (Mount Ainos, Mount Pantokrator etc) with spruce forest of rare beauty, the meeting point of sea ​​and lagoon in Lefkada,  the evocative landscape of Ithaca and so many others.

This panspermia of stimuli, colors, senses, productive possibilities with local,  well trained technical staff but also a well-structured base through the Film Office
make the Ionian Islands the ultimate destination for any production! Combined with the nice way of life, the Ionian Islands are the ideal place for
each creator involved in an audiovisual work (director, producer etc) to realize his own dream, thought and vision in the most artistically fruitful and technically supported way.

Antony Glaros, Director – Scriptwriter

A Paradise

The Ionian Islands have been a paradise for me since my childhood, as they are my land of  origin.

Today, due to my professional involvement as a producer in Los Angeles, I can assure you that they are also a paradise for shooting in all seasons.

They have many advantages, small and large islands in close proximity.

Bright atmosphere, alternation of landscapes and images, wonderful shades of blue in the sky and the sea, harmony of architecture and natural environment and they offer  a wonderful human potential in all professions. The Ionian Islands also have beautiful and well-known beaches as well as a long history with many historic buildings and monuments that create conditions for both modern and historical shots.

The Film Office of the Ionian Islands Region is ready to work with producers from all over the world!

Aris Boletsis, Executive Producer

A pleasure and honor

The Ionian Islands are suitable for filming. Apart from the fantastic locations, which combine beaches, mountains, cliffs and architecture, these islands are also known for their wonderful hospitality.The Ionian Islands, due to their history, are characterized by a mixture of cultures that you can not find anywhere else in the world.

At the same time the theater groups are at a good level and it is relatively easy to find locals who can meet the needs of a professional filmmaker.

It is always my pleasure and honor to film in the Ionian Islands.

Antonis Kitsikis, Director