As part of the celebrations for the glorious victory of the Christian Western Powers against the Ottomans 450 years ago, the historical documentary of director Antonis Glaros about the naval battle of Lepanto (Nafpaktos) was shown in Corfu on Monday, October 11, 2021.

The naval battle of Nafpaktos, the historic battle of the Ionian Sea is one of the most important naval battles in world history and  a historic milestone in naval tactics as well as in shipbuilding.

The documentary is a special production of the Ionian Islands Region meant to be distributed as educational material to schools, municipalities and institutions.

The filming for the needs of the documentary directed by Antonis Glaros and produced by Adamantios Petritsis took place in September 2021 in Nafpaktos, Messolonghi, Echinades Islands and Corfu with the support of the Ionian Film Office.