Audiovisual Communication MEPE – HONEYBEE on the occasion of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution of 1821,  filmed in Corfu in April 2021 a series of dramatized documentaries,  entitled “Alexander and Dimitrios Ypsilantis – The Leaders of the Revolution” in co-production with COSMOTE TV and MEGA TV.

The documentary series “Alexandros and Dimitris Ypsilantis: The Leaders of the Revolution” concerns the life and work of the Ypsilantis brothers, the true protagonists of the Greek Revolution. The years in the service of Tsar Alexander, the acquaintance with the “Society of Friends”, the Revolution in Moldavia and the Struggle in the Peloponnese, the relationship with Manto Mavrogenous and Ioannis Kapodistrias, the glorious death, the legacy and the memory of  the heroic brothers emerge on a journey from Nafplio and Pontus to Vienna and the USA.