A Day in the Life of a Teddy Bear (2020)

105 min | Romance

Director: Vassilis Xiros

Stars: Dimitris MothonaiosTu Hua


The story is about the acquaintance of a Greek and a Chinese woman in Shanghai, when their lives are on opposite paths: he has just arrived in China to work as an architect while she is preparing to leave for Austria to continue her music studies. However, the situations they will live with each other will bring them to dilemmas regarding basic life choices. The screenplay and direction belong to Vassilis Xiros, who lived in Shanghai for four years and was inspired by the stories he lived or saw unfold around him. His goal was to capture experiences and situations concerning a large number of Greeks who left in recent years to live abroad. The city of Shanghai is also the protagonist of the film, with its traditional neighborhoods and cosmopolitan colonial past coexisting side by side in the state-of-the-art metropolis.