Erotic-psychological thriller of 8 episodes filmed in Corfu in the summer of 2020 with the support of the Ionian Film Office.

Production: COSMOTE TV

Production Execution: Tanweer Productions

The creator of the series “42°C”  is Natalie Douka, the direction is “signed” by the award-winning George Papavassiliou (Slave, Der Bergdoktor, The storm tide, Special Unit) and the script is by Sergios Konstantinidis and Kallia Papadaki. The original music investment has been undertaken by Stavros Markonis (Buma Award [Winner] (2019) for the series “Ik Weet Wie Je Bent”), while the production execution has been done by Tanweer Productions.

The series unfolds under the hot sun of the Greek summer on an island. There, the central heroine, Lena, returns 6 years after the death of her mother. On the night of her return, however, another tragedy knocks on her door, as her sister is found dead in the same place where her mother’s body had been found. Crime or suicide? Coincidence or premeditated act?