Captain Corellis Mandolin (2001)  Το Μαντολίνο του Λοχαγού Κορέλι

R | 2h 11min | DramaMusicRomance |

Director: John Madden

Stars: Nicolas CagePenélope CruzJohn Hurt


The plot of this romantic drama takes place in 1942. As part of the joint Italian-German occupation, a squadron of Italian soldiers arrives in Kefalonia to strengthen the local presence of the few Nazi forces remaining on the island. The carefree Mediterranean temperament of the soldiers will soon alleviate the initial discomfort of the villagers, while a passionate romance will be gradually woven between the music loving Italian captain (Nicolas Cage) and the fiancée daughter of the local doctor (Penelope Cruz). Until, inevitably, the clouds of war will reach the shores of the island, threatening the peace of both the inhabitants and the unsuspecting conquerors.