Epiheirisis Apollon (1968)

88 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Director: George Skalenakis

Stars: Elena Nathanail, Thomas Fritsch, Athinodoros Prousalis, Hristos Tsaganeas


The German prince Jan comes to Greece for holidays and is hosted in the yacht of a famous prima donna. One morning, and despite the strong objections of his entourage, he takes a helicopter ride over Athens. In Lycabettus, he sees a beautiful tour guide, Elena, and, fascinated by her glamorous presence, decides to meet her up close, pretending to be a simple tourist. While he enjoys Greek antiquities, as a member of Elena’s group, his disappearance has mobilized the secret services and the ambassador of his country. But until they find out, Jan and Elena have fallen in love with each other and have had wonderful moments. The prince is unhappy for being discovered and refuses to return to his duties, but Elena convinces him that it is better to part ways, as they belong to two completely different and incompatible worlds.