King Peter the First (2018)

125 min | Drama, History, War

Director: Petar Ristovski

Stars: Lazar Ristovski, Milan Kolak, Radovan Vujovic, Danica Ristovski


King Petar The First, as a young man is banished from Serbia by Obrenovic a rival dynasty. Many years later, King Petar returns to his country to liberate its people and secure parliamentary democracy, starts the reconstruction of Serbia, and lead the country during World War I. During the painful mass retreat of the Serbian army and civilian refugees, through the hostile mountains of Albania, the King meets Makrena, the mother of soldier Marinko. Unable to find her son on her own in the endless lines of barefoot soldiers and exiled people, she vows the king himself to find and give her son a pair of knitted socks she made for him.