O kokkinos vrahos / Red Cliff (1949)

83’, Drama, Romance

Direction: Grigoris Grigoriou

Starring: Lykourgos Kallergis, Inta Hristinaki, Thodoros Moridis, Marika Anthopoulou


Fiore di Levante, Zakynthos, in 1883. A young, noble woman, Foteini Santri, lives a carefree life with her younger brother Mimis. However, the arrival of her first cousin, the forty-year-old Angelos Marinis, who has come to the island for vacation, ends her carefree days and fills her life with sorrow and worries. Angelos falls deeply in love with Foteini, who, on the contrary, rejects his feelings as they are related, and Angelos, disappointed, returns to Athens. A few months later, after finding out that the Patriarch has allowed the marriage of two first cousins, Foteini writes to him, expressing her love and asking him to come back. She’s informed, however, that he married another woman, and Foteini, devastated, jumps off the Red Cliff to her death.


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