Oi sklavoi sta desma tous (2008)

127 min | Drama, Romance

Director: Tonis Lykouresis

Stars: Giannis Fertis, Dimitra Matsouka, Akis Sakellariou, Christos Loulis



Corfu, early 20th century. Through the tension of erotic relationships and passions, the dramatic fall of an aristocratic family, that of Ofiomachon, takes place at the same time the new middle class arises in Greek society. The love of two young people, the romantic intellectual Alkis Sozomenos and a beautiful aristocrat lady Evlalia Ofiomachou, is sacrificed in the name of an economic exchange. The heavily indebted  Ofiomachi, put aside any emotional barrier and their principlesand give their daughter as bride to the rich doctor and parliament member, Aristidis Steriotis, in order to save their fortune. However, nothing can prevent their mora fall and financial disaster, which will crush their family.