Orma Rena stin arena (1988)

K | 99 min | Comedy

Director: Vangelis Fournistakis

Stars: Rena Vlahopoulou, Stavrina Prevedorou, Giorgos Loukakis, Antonis Trikaminas


In the picturesque island of Corfu, the vibrant and self-made tavern owner from Corfu, Rena Reladi, is having a hard time fending off the persistent hotelier, Grigoris Baradis, who has set his sights on acquiring Rena’s humble establishment. To further complicate matters, the shady aristocrat, Prince Alexios, is head over heels in love with Rena’s beautiful daughter, Angelika, bent on marrying her. Little by little, Rena starts to feel the pressure. Will they be able to stop her when Rena decides to set them straight? This film is shot entirely in Corfu.