“Alexandros & Dimitrios Ypsilantis – The Pioneers of the Revolution”, a four-episode dramatized documentary series about the life and work of the Ypsilanti brothers. Focusing on the imprisonment of Alexander, the series presents the evolution of the Ypsilanti brothers, who stood out among the Phanariot families and played a prominent role in the Revolution of 1821.

Filming for the needs of the documentary took place in Corfu in April 2021 with the support of the Ionian Film Office.

In the dramatized parts of the documentary series, the role of Alexandros Ypsilantis is played by Markos Papadokonstandakis and the role of Dimitrios Ypsilantis by Errikos Miliaris.

Directed by: Haris Vafiadis, Thanasis Totsikas

Screenplay: Dimitris Vernikos

Production: Honeybee Productions

Co-production: MEGA, Cosmote TV