Rendezvous in Corfu (1960)

K | 85 min | Comedy, Romance

Director: Dimis Dadiras

Stars: Jenny Karezi, Alekos Alexandrakis, Eleni Halkousi, Lykourgos Kallergis


On a hot Athenian summer, after her son’s one shenanigan too many, Mrs Eleni Labrinou–an affluent widow; proud hotelier, and mother of the young solicitor and superficial philanderer, Alekos–decides to visit her struggling business in sun-kissed Corfu. There, with the aid of the household’s seemingly simple housekeeper–the mysteriously confident brunette, Mirka–the ingenious mother concocts an audacious last-minute plan behind the back of the self-assured Casanova to teach him a lesson in humility. However, is there more to Mirka than meets the eye? Can there be real passion between a rich man and a humble working-class young lady? But, above all, will love prevail in this exciting rendezvous at Corfu?