Stahtopouta / Cinderella (1960)

73’, Comedy


Hristos Apostolou

Starring:  Kakia Analyti, Andreas Barkoulis, Costas Kakavas, Nikos Xanthopoulos

The prosperous young lady, Mary Kadimi (Veta Proedrou), changes her vacation plans to Corfu with her boyfriend (Nikos Xanthopoulos) to welcome her brother, who has come to Greece for vacation. However, her luggage, along with her housekeeper, Maria (Kakia Analyti) end up on the island and the hotel personnel mistakes her for Kadimi. One of the hotel employees (Costas Kakavas) flirts with her, but she finally falls in love with a handsome stranger (Andreas Barkoulis) who just arrived to Greece. It turns out that this man, who will eventually marry Maria, is Kadimi’s brother.