The Countess of Corfu (1972)

83 min | Musical, Comedy

Director: Alekos Sakellarios

Stars: Rena Vlahopoulou, Alekos Alexandrakis, Nonika Galinea, Makis Demiris


The seductive and self-assured entrepreneur, Sotiris Karelis, pays a visit to the twice-widowed and dedicated piano teacher–the aristocratic Corfiote, signora Antzolina–bent on convincing the financially-pressed landlady on selling her magnificent mansion. In the meantime, as the spirited tutor stands her ground, the famous singer, Alinda Ricci, shamelessly postpones once more her arrival on Corfu, putting into effect a desperate last-minute plan which involves a charming impersonation and Madame Antzolina’s wonderful musical talents. Of course, things will take an unexpected turn when the Italian diva finally decides to show up. Now, how will Antzolina get out of this fine mess?