The Girl from Corfu (1956)

81 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Director: Yannis Petropoulakis

Stars: Rena Vlahopoulou, Stephanos Stratigos, Stavros Iatridis, Annie Ball


A romantic from Corfu, Renoula (Rena Vlachopoulou in her first film role), comes to Athens at the invitation of her uncle, who without her knowing, intends to marry her to a partner of his. The groom, however, is a clumsy rich man. Renoula will fall in love with Angelos (Stefanos Stratigos), her uncle’s chauffeur, who give her and her sister a tour of Athens. Her sister is flirting with two of her uncle’s employees (Nikos Rizos and Koulis Stoligas). But Renoula, fearing that Angelos does not love her, will return to Corfu, where Angelos and her uncle will follow her, to formalize the marriage. The Girl from Corfu is the first full-length Greek color film with a modern theme.