Aiming at the recognition, promotion and development of the audiovisual industry in the European regions, Zagori Fiction Days organized on Sunday 16.10.2022 (10.30-12.30) an important roundtable on the topic:

“Is the Audiovisual Industry a Growth Driver for the European Regions?”

The debate was attended by teleconference: Dr. Konstantinos Kapodistrias, Vice-Regional Governor for Digital Governance, European Programs & European Affairs of the Ionian Islands Region and Mr. Fokion Zaimis, Vice-Regional Governor for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation of the Western Greece Region and in physical presence Ms. Angela Krokidi, responsible for Ionian Islands Film Office, Ms. Panagiota Tzanne, Deputy Mayor of European Programs, Development and Digital Governance in the Municipality of Central Corfu, Mr. Boban Jevtic, CEO of the Serbian company Firefly Productions, Mr. Odysseas Potsis, Deputy Regional Governor for Culture, Youth, Education and Lifelong Learning of the Epirus Region, Ms. Dimitra Rogoti, head of the Epirus Film Office, Vassilis Doublis director and program manager of the Greek Parliament Channel, Mr. Antonis Zafeiropoulos Technical partner of Film Office Central Macedonia, Mrs. Maria Koufopoulou, Director of the Hellenic Film Commission of the Greek Film Center, OXO Productions producer Mr. Pece Talevski (North Macedonia) and Mr. Ioannis Sakiotis, executive of the Delegation of the European Commission in Greece.

You can watch the discussion here: