The shooting of the new TV series by  Christoforos Papakaliatis entitled “The Teacher” was successfully completed in Paxos and Corfu at the end of October.

In the plot of the series, a music teacher travels to a small island in the time of the pandemic, in order to set up a music festival from the beginning. Faced with the small society of the island and all its pathogenesis, he will find himself entangled in an extreme love story that will be a motivation for the manifestation of all the social problems that plague an entire group of people. They are all connected to each other and in a way complicit in what will follow.

The series is a production of Foss Productions and will be screened next spring by MEGATV.

(The photos from the shooting are a kind offer for the Ionian Film Office by the  Corfiot location manager Giannis Dimitras, who worked for the production of the series.)